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Can I write about something that isn't related to my extracurricular or major?

One essay prompt asks me to write about something that gives me great satisfaction. I wanted to write about my love for hiking which is something I do for fun. However, this doesn't relate to my major (economics) or any of my extracurriculars except for maybe the fact that I'm an athlete. Can I still write about this or should I change it?

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18 days ago

Yes! You should actually avoid writing about things colleges can already see on your application. Don't waste time just regurgitating the same credentials a college will already know about by the time they are reading your essays. You should show them you have passions, and hiking is such a cool one! It shows a level of maturity and appreciation for the world around you and nature that a lot of other kids don't have. Totally write about it!

19 days ago

I think that you should write about it! It shows that you're a real human being that does more than what colleges have seen from hundreds of other students, and it also shows some range and depth of character. I think you can write something beautiful related to hiking, since it's both physically demanding and you get to see some amazing views. Good luck!


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