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Does my Low GPA in 9th grade affect my chances in Ivy collages

Hi I am Shubh, I am from India i am studying in CBSE.

I dont know how to calculate my GPA but went to some websites so I got to know my GPA of term 1 is 3.8 which is pretty bad cause I am aiming for 4.20. My term 1 marks are -

Maths- 34/40 (I get good marks in maths but I messed up)

Science - 36/40

English- 37/-40

Social Science - 36/40

Hindi - 35/40

I doing much better in term 2 so i am aiming for 4.15 GPA in term2 . Just wanted to know will bad GPA of term 1 of 9th grade affect my chances in Ivy collages like MIT , Stanford etc.

Note- I am focusing on extra curricular also I have some national achievements in sports and music . Mainly I am worried about my GPA

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2 years ago


Don’t get me wrong, the colleges will likely see this grades, but will it be the deciding factor for you application, probably not. No one can truly say what happens inside the admissions office. If you are wondering about schools like Stanford and MIT, not all their students had 4.0 GPA, so don’t worry that much, just try to improve it and focus on extracurriculares. In fact, for Stanford, they actually adjust their GPA (I don’t really know what they change exactly) but I can assume is to give more priority for 12th and 11th grade, than 9th and 10th grade.

Good luck!

2 years ago[edited]

First of all you 99.9% of colleges calculate GPA on an unweighted scale of 4.0. 4.0 is the maximum UWGPA you can get so unless I'm missing something from your grades, you are not calculating your GPA correctly.

Your first term GPA is a 89%/100 which is 3.56 UWGPA. (34+36+35+36+37)/200=.89

Without any fudge factor and .89 is not not a 3.85. It's .89/.25=3.56

This CollegeBoard and CollegeVine GPA scale converter is a rough guideline:



You should not be focused on Weighted GPA but Unweighted GPAs so I'm not sure who told you that MIT or other Elite colleges will evaluate you on a weighted basis but that is categorically incorrect.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Grades are one of the deciding factors, but everything else you mentioned can also be a deciding factor of admission such as the extracurriculars. Everyone at ivy league colleges don't have 4.0 gpa so don't worry too much you're on the right path! Colleges do look at all grades throughout 9-12th but a low gpa in 9th grade won't be a final deciding factor of admission they will look at all of your grades. Colleges also like to look at improvements so if you have been improving your grades and gpa that is a great step towards success!

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