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I have absolutely no idea what college i want to go to is there any recommendation.

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@MJV5143 years ago

try looking at your states flagship school and if any of their majors are interesting

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3 years ago

Hey @Remote-human2! Sounds like you need some help getting started. My recommendation is to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does location matter? If so, try searching for schools in your desired location (close to home, far from home, in a city, in a small town, in the midwest, etc..) You can use https://app.collegevine.com/schools/find/preferences to look at schools by region.

2. Does size matter? Do you learn better in small groups or large classes? Do you like to have a close relationship with teachers? This can help narrow down schools that might fit your learning style best. Smaller schools tend to have smaller, more intimate classes.

3. Do you know what you want to study? Schools have different options for majors and can be stronger in different subject areas. You’ll want to have an idea of what you want to major in, or if you’re undecided and need room too explore, you’ll want to look for schools that have lots of major options and course flexibility.

4. Do you have any financial concerns? College can be expensive, so if you are concerned about affording schools (as most people are!) you should estimate your cost at each school, taking into consideration financial aid and scholarships. You can use https://app.collegevine.com/finances/net-cost-calculator/intro to find a school in your price range. Don’t look at just the advertised “sticker price” because a lot of students pay less depending on their financial situation!

5. What are your chances of getting in? Look at the school's published statistics and use the CollegeVine chancing calculator (https://app.collegevine.com/profile/chancing) to find a mix of schools that are harder or easier for YOU to get into depending on your profile. It’s good to have a balance of difficulty!

Once you've asked yourself these questions, you'll be able to start narrowing down schools to consider! Good luck!! I'm sure you'll find some great schools that match your goals!

(If you ask for more college recommendations later, you should include your preferences and answer to the above questions in your post so everyone can help!)

3 years ago

TBH it depends on what you want to achieve. Maybe think about what type of environment you want to live in first, and then browse and search colleges by location https://app.collegevine.com/schools/find/preferences.

Some people are recommending best colleges for different needs here: https://app.collegevine.com/rankings/popular

Also ask your friends, parents, and your counselors!

8 months ago[edited]

When you're lost, sit down and write down your desires and the type of work you want. Also don't forget what your strengths are. If you are interested in economics, please list the schools of economics then find out how to arrange those schools to see if your ability is sure to get into that school, then apply for that school.

stickman fighter

2 years ago

Figure out what you want to do based on a passion of yours. Then, use the school explorer to look for good colleges in your field that are Targets or Safeties.


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