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I have 6 EC's in which I have participated on the International level. Is it just to much or is it fine?

I am a student in my sophomore year from India. I have participated in 6 things that I love on the international level. People generally say that 2-3 is enough but I feel I have too much but cannot, not write all on my college applications. Please give me some guidance

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2 years ago

If you're applying to US schools, 6 extracurriculars isn't too much! You get 10 spots on the Common Application to list your ECs, and the most competitive applicants actually have 8-10 ECs. If you've participated in 6 ECs on the international level, they are all definitely worth mentioning.

If you're talking about wanting to discuss your ECs in your essays, then you will most definitely have to pare down (you probably won't be able to talk about 6 different ECs in your essays). In that case, you'll want to pick the ECs that:

1. impacted you most meaningfully and shaped who you are

2. are ones you plan to continue in the long term

3. fit best with your applications theme (the unifying narrative of your application - more about it in this CollegeVine post: https://blog.collegevine.com/what-is-an-application-theme/)

2 years ago

First, try to rank your ECs based on which have changed you the most, given you the most satisfaction, relate most to what career path you currently want to pursue. I know it's difficult to ignore something you've dedicated a lot of time and energy into, but if you write supplemental essays or scholarship essays about the EC's you don't list, it seems less like you're trying to beef up your resume, and more like you have a lot of things you're passionate about. I know I listed 4 on my application. If you feel it's significant that you list each and every one of your EC's, do it.

Hopefully, this was helpful.


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