3 years ago
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I need help for applying to Stanford OHS

Im writing my first essay for the application, with the prompt being: Please tell us why you are interested in attending Stanford OHS and why you are a good fit for our school's rigorous academic program and our mission. What would you contribute to our diverse and global community? How might you learn from the unique perspectives and experiences of your peers?

I have the key points I want to hit for the first question with how they offer a variety of clubs and organizations and also how the curriculum will challenge me in ways my current school cannot, but I don't know how to put it into words to make it sound good. Any help??

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3 years ago

This forum is for helping high school student get into College, not helping younger kids get into high schools like the Stanford Online High school.

If you want help with an essay I suggest that you write it out and put it through the peer review or you can also pay for someone to review for you.

It is not typical for essay help to be given on this Q and A unless it is something specific about topic choice, or tone.

Good luck.

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