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β€’ 05/29/2020 at 01:59AM

If you could estimate the amount of hours of homework you have as a 9th grader, what would it be?

I was just wondering how much hours of homework a 9th grader has per night and what takes the most time out of you're schedule as a 9th grader (extracurricular, homework, etc.)

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β€’ 05/29/2020 at 02:51AM

@cp839 's answer is great, and as a rising sophomore, I totally agree with it. This past year as a 9th grader, I was in a similar situation as @cp839. I had AP world history and several honors classes, and I had an insignificant amount of homework and most of my energy was put towards extracurriculars. It really depends on what kind of worker and learner you are.

The same goes for extracurriculars. If you have good time management skills, a heavy extracurricular load might not seem that significant. However, to someone else, one or two hours a week might seem like a good fit. In 9th grade, I was on the tennis team as well as on a competitive dance company, along with 4 high school clubs and I played two instruments. In short, during tennis season, I had around 25 hours of extracurricular a week. However, to me, it was not that difficult to manage. I think it was partly due to the fact that school was relatively easy for me.

In regards to extracurriculars, you should maintain a balance between that and school. If homework is not a big part of your schedule, you can put more energy into your extracurriculars, like I did. However, if homework does take a lot of time out of your schedule, you should probably limit your extracurriculars in order to avoid over-commitment.

β€’ 05/29/2020 at 02:30AM

Depends on what classes you take, what kind of student you are, and where you go to school. I took honors classes and AP Human Geography my freshman year and if I was productive I never had more than an hour and probably had "no homework" most of the time. The reason I say, "no homework", is because I had a lot of textbook reading and worksheets that were "optional". It wasn't graded work but it was supposedly necessary. I made sure to do only what was necessary for me to maintain my grades in the class so I did homework on things I didn't quite get yet. I go to a public school that isn't highly ranked so that might mean less homework. I also know people who take the exact same classes as me and spend 2+ hours on homework each night which I never have done once, and we get similar grades. That goes to show there's not really a perfect number of hours, you just have to figure out what your goals are and how much you need to do to maintain them.

β€’ 05/29/2020 at 04:57AM

I just finished 11th grade and I would say I spent about 2 hours a night on homework. You might have a little less or a little more based on your course load. For context I took all Pre-AP classes. I would prepare for that number to increase until you finish junior year.

β€’ 05/30/2020 at 08:23PM

As others have said, it really depends on coursework and teachers and stuff.

I will list the classes that I took in 9th grade, and how much I spent a night, on average, for each of them:

- Math 3 Honors:

I spent around 2 hours a night on this before tests, and around 30 minutes a night on normal school days.

- Biology Honors

I had almost no homework in this class, so I only really spent an hour the night before tests on work.

- English 9 Honors

I also had almost no homework in this class, so maybe around 10-15 minutes on average.

- Health/Global Studies

- so these alternated by semester. Health was very intensive, and I maybe spent around 30 minutes a night on that class, while Global studies was not at all intensive, so I spent 0 time on that subject at home.

- PE

No homework. Enough said.

- Spanish 1

I had Activities to do at home, so those took up some time, and also prepping for presentations. I'd say it took maybe an hour a night.

- Band

I was in marching band, so I stayed after school for 3 hours daily, so this took up a lot of time.

In reality, I only really had three hours of homework total per night.

β€’ 05/29/2020 at 02:44PM

I think this is a fairly subjective question. For example, I took all honors classes my freshman year, but I did not have any homework. I was able to finish it all within the school day. Granted, this speaks more to the quality of my school than anything else. I think you may want to ask upperclassmen at your school who have taken a similiar course load. I find homework depends on the teacher more than anything.