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My SAT is around 1460 - I want to reach 1500 what would be a best course / approach for me?

I took SAT recently for a couple times. The best and the latest score was 1460. Not sure what is the best for me to try to get to 1500 level.

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18 days ago

This website is AWESOME with helping fill the gap between a good score and a great one, and it gives some unconventional strategies you won't find in other workbooks. It offers a prep course as well.




21 days ago

I'm sure you have done the following correct?

1.) Taken a lot of practice tests.

2.) Studied the Official SAT handbook (big red book with practice tests)

3.) Used the free Khan academy account to improve your weaknesses.

When you have a a 95%-97% percentile score is actually very hard to get your composite up to 99% or 1520+. 1500 used to be great benchmark but now as Ivys and Elites and even private liberal arts colleges have 3-8% admit rates, you need a 99% percentile score if possible. 1500 is like 1450, 5 years ago. So your goal should be 1520-1560.

These are some other way to get the last couple percentage points.

1.) Dr. Chungs SAT math book will help you get close to 800 on Math.

2.) The entire College Panda series including work books

3.) Erica Meltzer's SAT writing book.

And lastly, seriously consider enrolling in an SAT college prep course.

4.) Stanley Kaplan, Princeton Review, SuperTutorTv, I think some of them will guarantee your get a 1500 or your money back. I think Stanley Kaplan has the HSG Higher Score Guaranty.

Good luck.


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