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Help on Extracurricular Activties/AP questions

I am a 10th grade student who wants to build more of an extracurricular portfolio. I had a 4.0 GPA freshmen year, and I believe a 3.9 currently this semester sophmore year, so pretty strong when it comes to grading. No SAT/ACT scores yet but am planning on taking it. Planning on going into either computer science or business, and possibly something science related. However my extracurriculars are extremely weak (I have almost no leadership position in them), which I do model UN, editor/writer in school newspaper, instructor at a ski resort, and play soccer and hockey. I generally feel like a do a lot, but am striving to do more effective activities. I am also a pretty well-rounded student with all the things I do (1-year ahead in math, taking 2 science classes), which most people don't do at my school, however no class rankings.

What are some extracurricular activities that colleges love to see?

I take no AP's right now (partly because they are not offered until junior year) but how many should I do next year? Options at my school would only be AP sciences and math.

Is a 3.8-3/9 UW GPA still considered decent to get into top universities?

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First of all, I would take 3-4 APs next year, like AP Chem, AP Physics, AP Bio, AP Calc, AP Stats, something like that. I also want to tell you that, for such competitive programs as comp sci and business, you need to do some activities that relate to those more. Model UN and school newspaper editing and ski resort instructing are all great, but they don't relate that well to what you want to major in. If you really want to go into comp sci/business/science fields, you should start doing activities related to those fields. Here are some ideas:

-Start a coding club, or join the existing one and try to get a leadership position

-Maybe you could start your own mini skiing business

-Look up online or local internships and try to get one where you can assist someone else with their science research


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