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Johns Hopkins-DMP Essay Deadline?

I'm planning on applying for Johns Hopkins's Direct Matriculation Program for International Relations. It includes a short "extra" essay that needs to be written, but the prompt is not released until after you submit your application. Does anyone know if this essay required for DMP is due by Jan 3 like the rest of the application materials or if I'll have more time? I'm concerned that submitting my Common App too close to the deadline will not give me enough time to write it. I also emailed GOTOJHU@jhu.edu yesterday about this, but haven't heard a response (understandably). Should I email my regional representative about it?


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16 days ago

Hi @kyoshi! Based on my research on their website, it seems that the short essay must also be submitted by January 3rd just like the rest of the application materials. I suggest you finalize your Common App and submit that as soon as possible so you have at least a couple of days to write the JHU-DMP supplemental essay. After you submit your application, you will find the JHU-DMP essay prompt in your JHU applicant portal. Here's where I found this information: https://apply.jhu.edu/international-studies/

Hope that helps, and good luck!


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