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Are my extracurriculars good enough?

I'm a junior at high school in India. I plan to major in Economics and I'm targeting some of the most competitive colleges (Ivies, Stanford, Amherst, UChicago, etc). Is this profile below good enough?

Extra Curriculars:

1) Community Service - I have been tutoring poor children from the slums for the past two years at a local charity nearby. I have more more 100 hours of tutoring. I have also written a blog about my experiences and included a few testimonies from the students I tutored.

2) Research and Blog - I have done quite a bit of research on various topics in Economics and have written a research paper which is published in a social science journal. I also a blog where this paper and other articles on current affairs, public policy and global finance can be found.

3) Music - I have an ABRSM Grade 4 in the guitar and I'm also part of the guitar ensemble at school.

4) Leadership - I'm the vice-head boy of the school council and part of the student government. I have done various things like organise sports day, invited guest speakers to speak, etc

5) Volunteering - I'm the president of the Leo Club at my school. I have done various things from organising a river cleaning program to supplying food and water to the slums. I have more than 100 hours of volunteering.

6) Employment - I have interned at a local NGO and worked as a book keeper, maintaining a record of the charity's finances and put my knowledge of economics into practice

7) Sports - I play varsity cricket for a club and have represented them at regional level. I'm also on the school football (soccer) team and have played at regional and state level.

8) Video Editing - I'm part of a video editing group that me and my friends created. I work as a content creator and script writer and we offer services to clients such as ad-making, photoshop editing and much more. I also manage all the income that we receive and am the treasurer.


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2 years ago

Your extracurricular profile is well rounded but also has a clear focus in economics. It is evident that you are ambitious when it comes to leadership, volunteering, and putting your knowledge to use. Your extracurricular profile does seem up to par for competitive schools. However, your academic profile would need to be considered, too. Keep in mind that these schools reject even some of the best students that have a similar extracurricular profile as you.


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