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05/29/2020 at 04:23AM

Can a course taken on EdX or Coursera be considered an extracurricular? What category would it fall into?

I’ve recently become interested in taking some free online courses on EdX to pass some time productively while I’m at home. Since a lot of them are conducted by ivy leagues I was wondering if a completed course could be listed an extracurricular.

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05/29/2020 at 04:30AM

It definitely does count as an extracurricular, and is similar to taking a class at a local college, which a lot of people do. It shows your motivation to learn on your own and is for sure a valid extracurricular.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@aneyonti05/29/2020 at 09:43PM

Thank you! Do you know what EC category it falls into?

05/30/2020 at 03:42AM

So these classes in my knowledge are a bit of a grey area Im taking a python coding course on udemy and then I make an app/game that's more EC but just taking the course that is more in additional information or even the honor/achievements section as you more know it but do not use it