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I am currently a sophomore who is trying to build extracurricular experience and focus on a specific subject to maximize an interest. I somewhat want to start computer science (not a ton of experience and no classes), but is it too late to build experience to get into a prestigious university for that major? I would have about two years to learn and make something out of it, but I feel like if I wanted to get into a good university I would have had to start a lot earlier. Also if I take AP Comp Sci and decide to not major in it would that effect anything in admissions?



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22 days ago

It is definitely not too late. Believe it or not, you still have a lot of time to figure out what you what to do. I also say, research, research and research again. What subjects interests you now?, What do you like doing in your free time?, Where do you picture your life heading? If you can, get involved in different clubs and attend summer programs. And just because you take an AP course doesn't mean you have to major in it. Take the course and more if you think you can handle it. Colleges like to see that you can handle rigorous materials.

21 days ago

I am taking AP computer science principles in my Junior year and learning how it's like. It is not too late to take that class and get into a prestigious university for computer science major as you still have two years before graduation. Also, taking AP computer science doesn't mean you have to major in computer science as it is just a chance for you to explore your interests in it, so don't worry about that.


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