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"Why us essays"

how to write this kind of essays?


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19 days ago

The best advice that i got was: "DO YOUR RESEARCH." you need to do your research because the last thing you wanna do is to write about generic stuff that all colleges have, or write about stuff that the university doesn't even offer.

Also, "make it personal." if you said that you are interested in a specific study abroad program, mention what events happened in your life that made you interested in this specific program, how this program relates to your future/past activities.

Good luck!

18 days ago

I disagree with these answers.

The point of the "why us essays" is less about the college needing to hear how much you want to attend how you will tap into their resources and more about whether you are paying attention and synthesizing from their marketing collateral that you truly understand what the colleges core values, priorities, culture and opportunities. They are asking for you to sell them why you are a good fit for them. Not the other way around.

If 75%, 85% or 95% of applicants get rejected at these schools it's not because they didn't love the schools they were applying to. It has more to do with whether they were in alignment with the colleges' fit. Of course they should have met the academic index threshold for fit. Colleges want to make clear, responsible decisions by admitting students that will add to the culture, goals and priorities rather than detracting from them.

If you can craft a clever essay to explain how you understand the college and fit the college, this takes the guesswork out of the equation for them.

Good luck.

19 days ago

You should think deeply about why you want to go to this school. Maybe because you love the state, the diversity, or you know someone who goes there. Lastly, you must take the time to research the school well; the last thing the admissions team wants to hear is that you don't understand what they are offering. Best of luck to you!


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