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1420 SAT for Dartmouth?

Dartmouth’s 25 percentile score is a 1430 (710 reading/writing and 730 math). My highest SAT is a 1420 (720 reading/writing and 700 math) Since my SAT is only ten points lower, should I consider submitting or going test optional? Also, my interests lie in the humanities not stem


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2 years ago

@Kyoshi I think this is a personal judgement call.

I'm not sure you are applying as an American or a Japanese Int'l student so will say that admit rates for Int'l students at Dartmouth tend to be lower than published rates. Becky Munsterer Sabky who released her book Valedictorians at the Gate stated in her book that Darmouth admit rates for Int'l students were around 2%. (She was an admissions director at Dartmouth for 13 years).

Last year 43% of applicants applied with SAT or ACT test scores and not surprisingly 57% of admits had test scores. The takeaway is that submitting test scores does give applicants a 57/43= 32% boost over not submitting test scores.

If you have a very strong GPA, graduated in the top 10% of your class, took the most rigorous coursework including many APs and/or IBs and honors glasses (score high on those tests), have down a lot of impressive ECs, have excellent recommendations and have some evidence of intellectual curiosity outside of HS, then I do not think submitting the 1420 will hurt you in anyway but actually help you. Why? I think it helps remove the question mark of whether you have a solid core understanding of English and Math (especially if you are applying as an Int'l student)

Three things that will help your Dartmouth application are the following.

1.) A strong Peer Recommendation from someone that knows you.

2.) Taking advantage of submitting an Arts Portfolio, especially if you are a talented musician, singer, artist or dancer.

3.) Having excellent essays on your supplemental essays. These are especially important if you are also going to submit your SAT score since your English SAT is on the Low Side.

Good luck.

2 years ago


I would personally advise you to go test-optional. being in the 25th percentile means that you are lower than the 25% of the admitted students, so I would advise you not to apply with it.

I would, on the other hand, advise you to apply with that score if you have really impressive extracurriculars, essays, and honors, as that can also make you stand out more, from other students who are also in the 25th percentile.

By the way, your SAT score is great! I am sure you are an amazing student and person, so don't worry and be yourself!

Best of luck!

(This is my advise, but ultimately do want you think is best for you :))

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