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Are there any Online Activities to do at home?

I am a sophomore studying in India. I am interested in top tier colleges like MIT. I havent done any special extracurricular in 9th and now I am worried. Can anyone please suggest some online extracurricular activity that can really impress colleges like MIT? It could be anything related to Physics, Maths , Computers , Statistics , Chemistry or STEM field? It can also include problem solving.


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1. Great question

2. To answer your question, edX is a great way to involve yourself. Since you're interested in MIT, I'd say take courses with MITx and find professors and good classes that you're interested in and make it a reason why you want to go to MIT.

3. Also, what field of STEM are you interested in? For example, if you're interested in Computer Science, you could learn how to code and build computer programs. Also, you could take a CS course on edX, which allows you to learn more about different CS courses and professors. Remember, always look for why MIT appeals to you. Another example is perhaps you're interested in math. Perhaps you can create YouTube videos for elementary and middle school students, which will help you share your knowledge and passion for math to others. Also, since COVID-19 canceled many competitions, you could use this opportunity to prepare for IMO or IOI.

4. There are so many ways to get involved in STEM for MIT, so please consider the examples above and I hope I answered your question.

5. Remember to hit the accept this answer button if your question was answered. STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY! Good luck with your MIT application. :)

2 years ago[edited]

First of all, you can partake in MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses) such as Edx, Coursera, etc. There are loads of courses that are conducted by MIT, and most of them are about STEM. As far as I know, the certificates in Edx cost money(and they aren't cheap), so I'd recommend viewing it and trying your best to retain what you've learned. Another option is to start a STEM YouTube channel. But since the general public isn't all that interested in STEM, maybe make a few videos about daily activities and few about STEM. Or you can just join an online STEM group on Facebook or other social media platforms and conduct projects together(e.g., make an app, code a website, try out a chemistry experiment, etc.). The last option I can think of is to offer STEM tutoring online. You can put out flyers in your neighborhood or just post an advertisement online. I'm not sure about India, but here in Korea, there are 'cafe's(an online group part of the website Naver) where you can post tutoring advertisements for free.


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