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05/29/2020 at 07:15AM

Learning a language amidst COVID-19?

I am currently learning Chinese through self-study. And I am planning to take a more rigorous approach to learn Chinese amidst COVID-19. Would it be considered an impressive extracurricular to go from beginner Chinese speaker to an intermediate one?

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05/29/2020 at 10:46PM

I think it depends on how you define intermediate and what school you are planning on applying to. For the top 10-20 colleges, it probably wouldn’t be that impressive unless you get some kind of scholarship because of this language. The top colleges receive a lot of applicants who gets a 5 (full mark) on AP or 800 on SAT foreign language exams. It also kind of depends on your ethnic origin, if you are Chinese, colleges tend to de-value it because it’s easier for you to learn a language that you’re very familiar with. So I would recommend learning about Spanish, Latin or French if you have some basic knowledge on it. College board offers some scholarships if you do well on the exams for Spanish and Latin. I’m not sure if they do with Chinese.

Accepted Answer
05/30/2020 at 03:47AM

Assuming you are mostly self taught and not professional tutors it is generally a reconigized EC if not amazing sorely due to the fact that top 25 schools have a whole lot of impressive feats like owning a business etc but for top 100 schools so U Oregon Tenneese will be impressed then it is more remarkable but not outstanding assuming of course you did not learn it due to family. And if you are going into International relation/buisness good job! Though ethnicity will be considered as Jessie said.