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Fall Intake or spring ?

I got only 1340 on my December SAT. (Maths-750 Eng -590) cause I didn't have enough time to prepare for it . I only prepared for 13 days. My family is not that strong financially. So I am looking around for colleges that would provide at least full tuition worth scholarships. But looking at my SAT scores I don't think I'll get any . I'm in a big dilemma right now . And I don't even have such significant ECAs .

Should I give the SAT exam again and indulge myself in ECAS taking a break year or apply with current sat scores?

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18 days ago

I think you should definitely retake the SAT again. While 1340 is a rather good score, it is not above the 99th percentile. It also depends on which colleges you're trying to apply to for full-tuition scholarships. If you're aiming for prestigious colleges, then you should definitely retake the SAT or apply test optional. Hope that helps!

18 days ago[edited]

You will be hard pressed to find any full tuition scholarship based on your 1340. I don't know if you are a junior or senior. There's not much you can do if you are a senior, the SAT window has closed. If you are a junior, then I would spend a lot of time getting your Verbal score above 700, preferably 750. It's equally important to show some evidence of community service and leadership because most merit scholarships a critical of how involved you are in helping others. A high SAT score alone is not enough to get a full ride scholarship.

Unless you are prepared to improve the total package of your academics and ECs, it will still be very difficult to get such a thing.

Good luck.


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