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Applying for financial aid

Can you apply for financial aid after getting accepted to a need-blind school? Or do you HAVE to submit financial aid application with the rest of the application? I know need blind schools don’t care about your financial status when evaluating your profile, but I still want to know if i can do as aforementioned at a need-blind school.


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20 days ago

You have to contact the Financial Aid office at the school you were accepted to find out if they will accept a financial aid form from you. And if you haven't been accepted yet, do the same, contact the financial aid office.

In general this is not permissible.

16 days ago[edited]

Hi there @KSR,

You can get financial aid from FAFSA which is a different form from your college applications - you can access it here and learn how to fill it out here.

As for school-based need, they might be able to give you a package after applying but I would reach out the financial aid office to ensure that you did not meet deadlines, or try to find a workaround if you have.

Hope this helps and best of luck!!


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