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I am an international student applying to Amherst. I want to go with the supplemental essay of submitting a graded paper.

Should I scan the written essay paper or have it typed?

I don't know in what format I am meant to submit it.


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17 days ago

For graded papers, you should be submitting the graded version (as in with the grade and comments given by your teacher) of the paper.

If the paper was graded (and commented on, if applicable) by your teacher online (e.g. as a PDF or as comments on a Google Doc), then submit that file or a screenshot of that file (especially for Google Docs).

If the paper was graded (and commented on, if applicable) by your teacher on a physical piece of paper, you can scan it or take a picture of it. Just try to make these as high-quality as possible and make sure it's very readable.

If you receive grades (and comments, if applicable) by your teacher on a separate sheet of paper, then submit your essay typed as a Word Doc/PDF with the grades and comments by your teacher attached to the same document. In this case, I'd ask your teacher how they want their grades/comments to be presented. Screenshots will probably be the most trustworthy, but typed might be cleaner.

The most important things are that they can clearly read your writing and see your grade and teacher's comments (though this is less important than your writing). If in doubt, contact the admissions office (call or email) and tell them what you're planning to do then ask if that would be acceptable or if there's a different way/format that they prefer. You can also contact your teacher if that's an option for you, especially if the grades/comments aren't on the same sheet of paper as your paper.

Hope this helped!


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