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Question about AP Macroeconomics

Hi! I'm currently a HS student and I'm interested in taking AP macroeconomics. My counselor has confirmed with me that because our school didn't offer the course, I'd have to take it at a nearby college. I'm wondering if this course would fall under dual enrollment or concurrent enrollment? Also, could anyone explain the difference between the two for me. Thank you so much!

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16 days ago

Dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment are essentially the same thing! Basically, if you take it at a local community college and you are taught by an instructor from that school, and it's agreed upon by the school and the college that you get both HS and college credit for the course, that's dual enrollment. I think concurrent enrollment is usually used for when you're enrolled at a major university and you have a HS and a college grade?

They're pretty much the same thing though! Just be sure you absolutely get credit for economics when you take a course at the nearby college.


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