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How can I get the Bank of America student leader internship?

I'm applying for the Bank of America student leader internship, which is incredibly selective, and I was wondering how I could stand out and be chosen. The application consists of recommendation letters, extracurriculars, and 6 supplemental questions, and the program it self is very focused on the community and leadership.

I'm definitely going to mention a book drive that I'm currently organizing which has already raised over 1000 books, but I don't know if that is good enough. For context, here is the track of my application:


1. School Newspaper- Entertainment editor- 90 hours total(1.5 hr/week/year), won a best in show award for an entertainment review and won 1st place in regionals for the Illinois state journalism competition.

2. Book drive organizer- 20 hours total so far, raised 1026 books

2. UPChieve- tutor- 20 hours total tutored, 8 subject certifications acquired

3. Code your Chances- Youth Leadership Board member- 10 hours total (2 hrs/week/yr), currently organizing a virtual fundraiser in the form of a virtual cooking class, planning 3 school workshops to teach young girls about computer science

4. Biz Whizzes- founder- 10 hours total (2 hrs/week/year), starting a youth led organization that helps kids explore business through creative activities

5. Student Council-Executive board member- 90 hours total (5 hrs/week/year), helped run a food drive that collected over 1000 units of food

6. The Teen Trillionaire (financial literacy non profit organization)- Chief Financial Officer- 10 hours total- (2 hrs/week/year), lead the finance team to

7. NHS- 2 hours

8. Service club member - 30 hours total (45 min/week/yr)

9. Business Professionals of America- 10 hrs total- regional champion in fundamental accounting

Essay topics:

What challenges do you see in your community and how do you see yourself addressing those challenges now and in the future?

I'm talking about my book drive and how underprivileged kids lack access to books and how my book drive will address this issue

Describe a leadership challenge you have encountered, how you addressed that challenge and the personal growth you achieved from facing that challenge?

I'm talking about when I was tutoring through UPChieve, how a student was dissatisfied from my teaching and how though I initially was offended and started to doubt my teaching skills, I realized that I can't make everyone happy but I could refine my teaching skills by learning from criticism.

Who has inspired you as a leader and what have you learned about leadership from that person?

I'm talking about disney princess Moana because she was the first independent princess who didn't need a savior: her passion to help her people along with her bravery and courage pushed her to embark on an adventure across the dangerous waters even though she never even sailed before, and through all of her adventures, she became a master sailer and saved her whole island.

As you consider qualities of a successful leader, where do you see your opportunities for personal growth?

I'm going to highlight being humble and modest to take and leverage criticism.... for personal growth, I want to mention how I sometimes get offended or defensive easily but how I realize that I'm not perfect, and I have to look for opportunities to grow.

Why do you want to be a Bank of America Student Leader and why should you be chosen?

I've been a little stuck on this one because there isn't a whole lot of specific information, so I had to resort to personal testimonies of past student leaders. I think I want to talk about how I can find fresh new perspectives on different issues of the community, but then I also thought that since this is a longer essay, I could talk about how I'm perceptive of issues running through our community by tying in my role as an entertainment editor and how I'm quick to pick up on something and figuring out what causes it and what effect it has (it's kind of all over the place right now)

Please share a personal statement focused on what you feel is the most important issue facing young people today.

I want to talk about how rampant materialism in american society has pushed young people to set aside their passions in order to pursue things that they don't care about, and how they are pressured to set aside their happiness in order to make the most money. Through this, young people are essentially reduced to robots and are starting to become disconnected from the community because they are so hyper focused on being successful (materially).

I could use feedback on my current profile, especially my supplemental essays, but do you think something in particular can help me stand out?

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Hi @hihowareya! Looking through your extracurriculars and the ideas you have for your essays, I think you are on a great track! I don’t have much advice on your essay ideas because they all sound great and it seems that you have put a lot of thought into them. Specifically for the “Why do you want to be a Bank of America Student Leader” question, I think you can tie in your community service experiences and how this program will allow you to think critically to not only identify issues within the community, but also address them through innovative solutions with other likeminded individuals.

For your extracurriculars, make sure to provide some more details about your roles and responsibilities since the Bank of America Student Leaders program really emphasizes leadership and you seem to have held positions in quite a few clubs/orgs that you are a part of.

Hope that helps!


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