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When should I do AP Spanish?

I am a 10th grader and soon we would have to choose our courses. I have already planned to do 3 AP courses next year: AP English 3, AP Chemistry, and AP Psychology. I have a choice if I want to do AP Spanish; however, I don't want to make it too tough for myself, so I was thinking to do it in Senior and rather do an engineering course. However, it could end up bad because then I would stop Spanish for a year, and as soon as the course starts we have to do the AAPPL test. It would also show consistency if I choose to do AP Spanish next year.


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13 days ago

If you want to do AP Spanish, it would definitely be harder to take it if you waited until senior year. Speaking from experience (I didn't do a language my junior year), I can say that it's really challenging to catch up after you barely speak a language for a year. I think, if your school offers it next year and you don't really hate Spanish, do AP Spanish your junior year and maybe do the engineering course your senior year.


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