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Should I take AP courses or college courses?

Hi, I'm a ninth grader in Florida trying to figure out what to do about AP courses since my school doesn't provide AP courses. Should I pay for AP courses online?(if so then does anyone know reliable AP courses online) Or take college classes and get a degree during high school?

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Look into the schools you might want to attend. If they're super competitive, I'd recommend taking college courses and get your degree during high school if that's an option for you! That looks better than APs anyway, since AP courses tend to be focused on preparing you for college.

AP scores also aren't typically used for admissions. They're just looking for how you've challenged yourself. You will be okay if you don't have any APs or any advanced courses! You can try to focus on getting higher ACT/SAT scores.

I took both AP courses and college courses throughout high school, and college courses are honestly easier. They also actually gave me credits, whereas AP courses are a little bit of a risk.

In case I made this confusing (i tend to do that lol) I really recommend taking college courses at a local community college (try dual enrollment if it's an option!) over taking APs. Both are more difficult, but college courses have more pros than cons in my opinion :D

hope this helps too!

14 days ago

I don't have experience with either college courses or with online AP courses, but I would recommend taking the college courses. Unless you are someone who can thrive on online learning, chances are it won't be very beneficial or engaging enough, which is why I would recommend college courses. However, if you are someone who is very disciplined and is able to self teach yourself what they need, you may want to consider online APs. The biggest problem I see is because it's not engaging, so you may want to slack off.

So it all depends on your learning style and how driven you are.

Hope this helps!


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