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Are my 9th grade marks good enough?

I am studying in India in an icse school which is a different school pattern than in USA, and as I can't figure out my gpa, can someone please tell are the grades given below good enough for MIT:

Physics-85% (Please note that I am very good in physics, I just was not able study for my exam in first semester)


History and Civics-86%




Computer Science-93%

English Language-73%

English Literature-69%


Note that all these are aggregate of both my semesters. I also was in top 5 of my class of 50.

My teachers said that I could do way better and I also have been working hard. on my English and other subjects.


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2 years ago[edited]

In general, colleges don't place too much emphasis on your freshman year. At some universities (UC Berkeley for example), your 9th grade is not even factored into your GPA.

That being said, your grades look pretty good for the most part, and as long as you show a consistent upward trend in terms of English and Hindi and other subjects in which your grades may not be the best, you should be fine for top school college admissions. In general, MIT will want to see higher grades (90% or above in most subjects), but a few lower grades should not hurt too much.

Also, realize that MIT admissions are also based on SAT/ACT scores, SAT Subject test scores, IB/AP scores, extracurriculars and many others.


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