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I'm mentioning some of the achievements that I have, Please someone review these and suggest some more activities that I should involve

My main area of interest is Mathematics and computer science, And a bit of other activity, but anyway these are my extracurriculars -:

1. EMPLOYMENT - I used to work at my uncles warehouse as a manger , where I have to look up for some other employees and also manage some work of the shop in the exhibition

2.Mathematics contest Bronze honor . IYMC I clear the Qualifications round , pre-final round , and lastly got bronze in final round at international level

3.SOF math Olympiads gold - I got a gold medal at school level (top performer in the school).But unfortunately I cant get it to international level

4.Basketball team -: I was the captain at junior level school team and a vice captain at senor level team. at junior level team we have won few matched. But we havent won at tournament when I was in seniors team .Basketball is not so famous in India , but I have certificate of other sports tournaments

5.NCC- National cadet cop I was a seniors cadet at NCC and continued this journey for more than 2 years and there I had learned a lot of skill like drilling , weaponry , physical body hacks , most importantly discipline and many more thing including voluntering works for about a month long

6.Summer Book club - I attend a summer book club , in which we were tough to write , read and review, books and create awareness among people about various topic

These are some of the extracurricular activities that I have and I am still trying to make it better and add some more .But after seeing these , what was your opinion and how can I improve it more and please answer this question that WILL IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL REJECT ME OR NOT .

My stats are good like I haven't gave the any test but my class rank as at the top 10s out of 300-200 students and SAT math 1 and 2 I can guarantee a perfect score .

So what all are the things which I need to add to make it more clever


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2 years ago

Your managerial role at the warehouse and leadership on your basketball team will show great leadership skills. Your mathematics honors and book club demonstrate strong academic ability. Your NCC work also adds to your profile. You've checked a lot of boxes. My recommendation for improving extracurriculars would be volunteer work, but you have a very strong profile. Best of luck!

2 years ago

None of what you have listed is particularly unique. You need to do something for your community to stand out.

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