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Is my EC too weak for business/econ? International need aid

Founder of a very unique non profit. First in city.

Student council president

Covid-19 hand sanitizer producer. Sold 100 for free.

Web design- designed 5 websites was paid for it

Work, marketing intern for a blog


Community service-mega medical camp, kerala relief fund and volunteer at autism house.

Debate club president


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4 years ago

If i remember there are only 10 or so schools that meet full need for international applicants and all are ivy caliber/elite liberal arts schools and are re private. So merit and need aid is less available so you will need to lean on international scholarships or non-university scholarships but I would recommend you look at state schools as they are significantly cheaper as the full need schools have an average of sub 20-25% admit rate so schools like San Jose St, Florida International among other though I think you have an above average possibility assuming good gpa and test scores to get into ivy caliber schools it would help you to reach out to schools via email and just communicate with them and show interest and assuming you don't pester them it can only help.

4 years ago

Depends on the type of college you’re considering to apply to and the country that you’re applying from. But overall, I would say it’s a pretty strong EC. However, since you are considering Econ or business, maybe you should try to get more experience in these fields. If you are considering the elite colleges, you should probably take most of your activities to a higher level. Also try to make your non prof bigger and achieve some tangible results. Just an example, fundraising $10k for a cause. While this is definitely not the only way to assess the success of the organization, it is easier for the judges to learn about it.

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