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Johns Hopkins University ED2 application

I have applied at Harvard University but unfortunately got deffered from the REA pool.After that I have submitted my application at Johns Hopkins University.But there is an option for ED2.They send me email to switch the application to ED2.What should I do?Should I switch it?And What are the chances to get accepted at Harvard?


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14 days ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! I agree with @CameronBameron and their response below. I would suggest that you read this article about applying ED before you decide to commit yourself to John's Hopkins if you are admitted.

Hope this helps!

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My best guess is that Harvard RD admit rates will be slightly higher than last year's 2.58% because the REA admit rate was 7.9% compared to 7.4%. So I put the RD admit range between 2.6-2.8% this year.

JHU's ED2 admit rate was 10.5% last year or 304/2874 so I think that's going to stay in the 10.5-11% range this year as well.

If you opt out of JHU ED2, you still have a very high chance of getting rejected from Harvard. It's not 100-3 or 97% but a lower number. Something was not quite right with your REA narrative so I can't tell you if you are a close call or a long shot. You will never know whether your real chances are 20%, 30% or higher.

If you apply JHU ED2, I think you have a better than 11% chance of getting in because you were deferred from Harvard, so maybe your real number is 30-50% at JHU.

If you opt out of JHU and go for RD JHU then your are competing with a larger pool and your odds might drop slightly as more Ivy Bound and Stanford, Duke, UChicago applicants apply to JHU as a hedge just in case they don't get in. The RD rate will be like 4.8-5.0% I believe based on what it was last year.

I think the JHU EDII is a weaker pool of applicants so you have a good chance of getting in.

Worst case is that you don't get into either and you have to settle for a lower reach or target school. Is that okay with you?

Ultimately this is your own singular decision to make. I think it depends on what other schools you applied to and whether you were over-confident or just about right in your college list.

Best of luck to you.


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