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05/30/2020 at 01:56AM

Is my ECs good for me in freshman year?

I cannot participate in after school clubs so I am trying to improvise.

1. I have basically been the head coach for my brothers baseball team. I have created lineups, kept stats, emailed parents, went to league meetings, etc.

2. I have volunteered 25 hours including many of them from our community mask giveaway three weeks in a row. It was our town's big giveaway. Me, my mom, and someone else were the only ones who ran it.

3. I officiate youth sports leagues and keep score for many leagues as well. I am well known in that league for what I have done.

4. I babysit many times for many people.

5. I plan to start a website and want to learn to program because I want to learn IT/Computer Science.

6. I help my grandfather learn his technology because he has major troubles. I also help my family as well.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@ryanmcohs202305/30/2020 at 02:14AM

Oh yeah. I also have family responsibilities since I cannot go to clubs after school. I have to take care of my y

two dogs and clean the house when I get home since my parents work full time.

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05/30/2020 at 04:19AM

As it is still freshman year you seem really good for top 100 schools like Iowa Oregon and Penn St as examples but most schools count family responsibilities as an EC so that does count but schools are looking for commitment and leadership and you seem to have that in spades the main ting is too maintain leadership while having good gpa sat/act and essays are you should be an above average applicant for most of the schools ranked n the top 50-100.

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