2 years ago
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Does College Credit Classes in Summer Programs from Prestigious schools are worth it?

My dream School is John Hopkins University and I would like to take this classes from them and put it in extracurriculars on my resume and I don't know if this classes are worth it, and if I have more chances for getting in because of taking this class and especially having Credits from this specific colleges



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2 years ago

So what college credit shows is taking opportunities and more importantly rigor assuming you pass them but you not get any bonus besides showing interest and college credit is not really an EC it is more additional info. It is still a good idea as these are cheaper than normal tuition and you gain college credit which is great on an application but there is almost no if not no difference between a community college and John Hopkins college credit except the difference in how college transfer as it depends on whether you don't enroll at JH and you got to University X and one may transfer there and the other doesn't but John Hopkins is more likely to transfer to national schools while community is highly likely for instate schools as a general rule of thumb.

But I would recommend taking college courses regardless of where you get it from so long as they are accredited you are likely to be able to transfer them though it may be more difficult.


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