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Can you get into Ohio State University or LSU if you get A's and B's in everything else but have C's in math?


I get A's and B's in everything else but I struggle in math and get mostly C's and I also have an IEP will the schools consider this and accept me, also I haven't yet taken the ACT I will be taking it next month. I've been doing ACT practices in school though. And I'm scared I'll get rejected.


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Hey there! Colleges do look at more than just your grades, but at large public universities like OSU and LSU, your grades and test scores will be by far the most important factors in admissions. This is because large universities don't have as much time to sift through the tens of thousands of apps they get, so they rely on quantitative data rather than qualitative components, like your essays and extracurriculars.

OSU has become increasingly competitive, and middle 50% of incoming freshman in 2018 had weighted GPAs of 3.75- 4.19 and ACT scores from 28-32. If your stats don't align with their averages, the odds aren't in your favor. Feel free to read this CollegeVine post about what it takes to get into OSU for more info:

LSU is less competitive, with an average GPA of 3.43 and middle 50% ACT of 23-31.

Keep in mind that since these are both state schools, state residency will also be taken into account - if you're out-of-state, it's generally more difficult to be accepted.

All of this information is not to be discouraging - it's just important to know the average accepted student's profile at your colleges. If you're worried about your math grades and test scores impacting your chances, the best things you can do are:

1. Work to improve your math grades as best as you can, as colleges like to see upward trends. You mentioned having an IEP, which might also help explain your lower math grades - colleges will most certainly take that into account, so be sure to mention that in the "Additional Information" section. There's a CollegeVine article with more info about applying to college with an IEP:

2. Aim for a strong ACT score, especially in math. This can help assure colleges that you're ready to succeed in college academics, and can help offset lower math grades.

(Ran out of characters). And finally, for #3: Try not to worry about rejection too much! The college journey is about finding a good fit school for you, and there are many awesome schools out there. As long as you create a smart school list, odds are that you'll get into a school great for you!
I appreciate you giving me such great information, this really helps, I'm thankful for this platform and for everyone who answered also thanks for the link. I'm studying more so my hope is to get A's and B's. My C's are normally high C's. And I think I'm leaning more towards LSU because as much as I want to go to OSU it seems so intimidating to get into or even try to apply. Ultimately I will do my best and apply anyway, but the odds are stacked against me. I have great writing skills
(also ran out of characters) ultimately my hope is that my essay will make up for what I do lack
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Acceptance depends on more than just grades and act, but as long as you have strong personal statements and act you should have a good chance.

I appreciate the feedback this is very encouraging for me thank you.