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Can I still go to a good college without many Honors and AP classes ?

So my situation is that I am a student in my last year in high school, who regrets the classes I took in high school, since my freshman year till my junior I mostly took CP classes, probably in my sophomore and junior I was taking 2 or 1 honors classes. Then in my last year, I am taking all honors and 1 AP class in computer science.

And from what I heard and know, if you want to go to college, you would need to take many or all honors or AP classes through your high school, which wasn't what I did, and I regret it. But I still am a great student in all the classes I took, my grades were mostly A's and B's, and I was always eager to learn.

And I came from Brazil, in which the school system is very different, so I thought that me being in those CP classes was what everyone did, and I thought I was in a suitable class for me. It wasn't until too late I noticed that I could have been in better and more challenging courses to challenge myself, but I am still trying in my last year.

And My GPA is 3.4, so my question would be, can I still go to a good college in my situation, having only some honors and one AP class in sophomore, junior and senior in my high school and with my GPA, and if not, what can be my solution for this problem if I still want to go to college?

I feel unfortunate and depressed that I may have lost my chance of going to college because of not taking honors and AP classes because my dream of the future was to go to college. Still, I may have lost the chance or not, I hope I can ask this question in collegevine because if not I am very sorry. I just wanted to know solutions and if I still have a chance at college in my situation.

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12 days ago

First of all, let me assure you that if you want to end up being a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Architect or some other prestigious professional, all is not lost because of high school.

You are a survivor of having to move from one huge different culture to America and the fact you have a 3.4 GPA is a still a remarkable feat considering all the challenges you already faced with assimilating and learning a new language and trying to be competitive.

You will not let yourself down or your parents. Don't worry but take my advice.

First of all, if you were still in Brazil, maybe you would get into Univ. of Sao Paolo, I don't know. It's a hard school with 5% admissions rates. But you know that in Brazil if you want to go to Univ.of Sao Paolo that many wealthy students have an advantage because they have the best tutors, and attend private schools and just have to study. It's the same here in the US. If you want to get into the Ivy League, all 8 schools have a 5.25% average acceptance rate. Most Americans will never qualify for this opportunity.

Nevertheless there are 4300 4 year colleges in the US and at least 200 of them excellent. Most of them are Private school but some of them are Public as well. You have a good chance to get in many of these schools. I don't know your families financial situation either, but if you are low income, and a 1st generation college student (meaning your parents didn't go to 4 year college), you will have greater chances to have a good financial aid package as well.

I don't know what State you live in but if you live in a large state like CA, TX, FL, NY, etc, they all have very good State Universities which will accept you and the tuition is 3-4 times more affordable than private colleges. If you have some excellent achievements in your ECs, or some remarkable talent like being a great soccer player you might be good enough to walk onto a college team at a private college. Again, I don't know much about you.

The first thing you should do is not worry about what your friends are doing. Everyone has their own path. It's important to find a list of college that fits you and will support you and allow you to thrive. You are now an adult so it's time to think for your own happiness and success and not worry about fitting in with your HS friends. You will meet many more interesting and intelligent people in college from all over the world so keep your options open.

So it's 1/7/22 and you said you are a senior? What colleges have you applied to already? Most of the good ones already had their deadlines last week or they are coming up in 8 days. Do you have a list of schools you are working on with your HS counselor?

Have you started a College Vine profile to see what your chances are at certain schools on your list? This is very important.

If you haven't applied anywhere yet, dude you only have about a week to get your act together. You may finish your applications on time but you should be lining up your recommendations today! Because otherwise, your teachers and counselor will not have enough time to help you.

I wish you luck but you need to make some serious decisions on where to apply in the next week if you are going to college in the FALL.

Good luck.

11 days ago

@LucasBlade your classes now are definitely enough to get into most (if not all) of those schools. Those schools have a cheaper "overall" price, but @CameronBameron is right the schools they listed are great and offer really good financial aid- from what I have heard/researched (but most are pretty competitive). It depends on what you want to major in, but I would check on Worcester Polytech Institute, Clark, Holy Cross, and Skidmore, they are a bit less competitive and most of them have a January 15th deadline, and WPI and Clark have a $0 application fee so go for it! And all the schools you have know are great, and keep your head up, you are going to get into college and the "name/prestige" of the college honestly doesn't matter much at the end of the day, it's what you do with the experience. I would explain your situation in the additional information in the additional info section of the commonapp, because your situation makes sense. Best of luck! Based on your stats you will 100% get into college and do great things.


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