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How do I calculate my Unweighted GPA?

I'm currently a Junior in high school and I want to know how the unweighted GPA is calculated. Is it calculated with the GPAs throughout high school (ex. 9th & 10th grade) or just your 11th grade year? Our school hasn't thoroughly informed us on it and I can't seem to find information elsewhere. Naviance gives us an unweighted and weighted GPA but it's way lower than our GPAs. Please help, thank you!

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4 years ago

Ah so the basic scale is A=4 B=3 C=2 And so on.

Let’s say you get 4 As and 4 Bs as you have 8 classes. You have 28 total points and assuming that this is only one semester and no half semster classes or dropping a class halfway you divide the points by 8 and in this case getting 3.5 which is your gpa. And for the year you add both semesters together and divide by 2.

GPA is calculated through out high school so if you are entering senior year your freshman sophomore and junior gpa will be added together and divide by 3.

It gets more complicated if you have a dropped class as it is

(Total GPA points credit hour)/(# of classes credit hour)

Usually credit hour is 5 per class and a class dropped midway is counted as 2.5 and the replacement is counted to.

Hope this helps!

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