2 years ago
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how should i expand on my extracurriculars?

I'm a pretty good student in mostly honors/APs with a 3.9 GPA and decent test scores, but am wondering what more I can be doing as far as activities! I want to apply to college (currently a junior) as a political science major. So far, my relevant extracurriculars are —

Founder/Executive Director of an international organization that helps kids get involved in advocacy and social justice efforts; have received thousands in grants and worked with kids from around the world

Outreach coordinator of another international organization that promotes civic education and dialogue across the political spectrum

Varsity member of my school's speech and debate teams, relatively accomplished in speech and looking to make state/nationals this year

Intern for the incumbent mayor's successful reelection campaign in my area this past year

Youth commissioner on one of my city's boards and commissions

National Director for a menstrual education/menstrual product accessibility nonprofit, currently organizing a product drive for local shelters, but have had trouble with expanding the team and social media

Have some national language exam awards and good academic history in language classes


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2 years ago

Your extracurriculars are quite impressive! I think that you are doing a good number of activities which demonstrate intellectual rigor, leadership, and community service - the one area you could expand upon would be your hobbies.

The more unique, the better when it comes to listing hobbies. What are some quirky things you do entirely for fun which few other people would talk about? Pogo-stick racing, collecting coins from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a Mark Twain book club - these are all examples of activities that could add a colorful human element to an application. Try to think of your own parallels. Hope this helps!

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