2 years ago
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I'm international student please tell me you financial aid information grant you give for international student?

I have a 3.5 Unweighted GPA and I couldn't Take SAT Or ACT exams. and It's My Pleasure If YOU told me how can I attach My Transcripts To your college.on My online application full filaments or is it Ok If I Send it to you after I got accepted to your College?


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2 years ago

Hey Biruk! I am Nahom. There are different ways you can get financial aid for college if you are an international student like me. You can apply for need-based financial aids, merit-based grants and scholarships, or even student loans. As for SAT/ACT exams, there are a lot of universities and colleges out there that don't require them, especially this year because of COVID 19. You can apply to colleges using application platforms like the Common App or Coalition. You can post your transcripts and anything else required there. I hope you find this helpful!

2 years ago[edited]

The other answer is not accurate nor clear in their instructions.

Regarding Financial Aid:

As a Int'l Student, if you apply through the Common App or Coalition App portal or through the colleges own application portal, you will have to inform them that you wish to be considered for Financial Aid at the time you apply.

If you are applying for Financial Aid, you and your family have to submit a CSS Profile on CollegeBoard's websites. Here are some useful links:



The CSS Profile is a lengthy questionnaire that requires your parents cooperation in terms of submitting various tax documents and other statements of financial condition. The colleges will use the CSS Profile to determine the appropriate amount of Financial Aid to award you or not.

If you do not wish to waste a lot of time and effort, I highly recommend that you spend some time researching which of the 4300 American colleges to apply to that may give you the best financial aid considering your GPA, course rigor, test scores, and ECs. One huge mistake Int'l students make is applying to the wrong set of schools.

Financial Aid is not given out lightly to Int'l students. Even though you have a 3.5 GPA, that is not consider a good enough GPA to apply to the best colleges in the US that give out the best financial aid.

Here are some links with regards which college support Int'l Students:



Only your High School Counselor (or if your school doesn't have one, the head of school or head of admin) can submit your transcripts through the Common App or Coalition app or college portals. You, as a high school student are not permitted to do so.

Good luck.

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