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Covid and how it has impacted my chances

I'm hearing from my seniors that the chances of getting accepted into top schools for 2021 will be much harder since there might be a lot of students who are accepted for 2020 that will defer their school year to 2021. So if a lot of them are deferring to 2021, then it'll mean less spots for seniors this year wanting to go to 2021. Is it fair? How will colleges decide/handle this?

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2 years ago

So kinda there is an excepted increase in defers (which is putting it off to next year) but I have heard that is expected to be kinda minimal so it should not impact it greatly. And as for admission SupertutorTV put out a great YouTube video on it yesterday essentially saying essays specifically are excepted to have more wieght in college admissions as well as the non numbers such as ECs letters of rec.

Admission to competitive holistic schools will focus more on no number stats. Also schools may swap test scores for interviews such as Drake in Iowa.

Hope this helps!


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