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How do i improve my chances?

I am a junior right now, I have two pass/fails for algebra ( I cheated and came clean so that's how we settled it), but I took a college math class and am taking an advanced one now this semester. also, my grading system only does letter grading and I have 86-89's that look worse than they are. is there any way I can improve my extracurriculars? I wasn't able to do a lot due to corona. Is there one that will look good on my resume that I can easily do while balancing a large workload and helping my family move houses?

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What are you doing for extracurriculars currently or what do you plan to do? What have you done in the past? You could do community service activities or join/create a club at your school.

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Hi @emmalyn,

I agree with @lilye: make sure you put those extracurriculars on your application and say that you had to stop due to COVID-19. I would continue to practice that instrument at home. If you cannot perform in-person, try uploading videos of your performances to YouTube, or join a virtual ensemble such as Virtual Concert Band (if possible with your instrument). You can also continue tutoring and volunteering virtually. Creating a blog, podcast, or other online discussion space to write and/or speak about important topics is another excellent extracurricular.

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One thing to consider is a passion project or a community outreach project. These are projects that you lead for the betterment of your community. They can be very fun if you choose a problem close to your heart, and they also look amazing on your applications.


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