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What classes look good for an environment science major?


I’m about to be a senior and I plan to apply for an environmental science major after I graduate. I plan to take AP bio, oceanography, and vet science. Are there any other class that could put me as a better contender for a STEM degree?

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7 days ago

One other thing that I would recommend is that you consider taking college classes, in Wisconsin we have a program called ECCP where they allow you to take some college courses during high school, check If you have something like that in your state.

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Obviously AP Environmental science, and really any STEM class, I would recommend AP stats and AP Chem. And maybe even AP English Language and Composition. If you are taking AP Bio, oceanography, and vet science though I would honestly just take other classes you're passionate about now because those are already great classes for an environment science major, and you do not want all your classes to surround this one thing, even if you really like it. Like maybe take a foreign language class, art, etc.


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