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How should I write in emails directed to college admission officers?

I’m a current junior navigating the application process. Unsure about how I should write in emails to admission officers to ask questions about things I couldn’t find online.

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2 years ago

So assuming you want a question answered try finding your regional admission representative as almost all 4 year schools have regional reps. You can typically google

School regional admittance counselors and then look for your state/region as a California school will have a Bay Area region a LA region and then South Cal though they also might have a regional rep for all of NE IA ND SD MN KS.

So typically after I have the representative email

Ms/Mr Last Name,

Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself I am from City, State and I just wanted to reach out and enquire about if was available/whether you do ? I’d greatly appreciate any help available.



If I just want to show interest in my case engineering I might ask about any 3+2 or 4+1 as they are kinda obscure and are not readily available so it makes a good question.

2 years ago

My format that I used for RPI, UC Davis, Brown reps. All three got back to me:


My name is [insert name here] and I am currently a high school [grade level] from [place you are from. I am wondering [insert question here, make sure to be detailed]

Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


[Phone number]

Here is a sample of that format being used (I have redacted some personal info):


My name is ---- and I am currently a high school ----- from -------. I am wondering whether the four-year math requirement for RPI undergraduate admissions would also apply to people who have exhausted all their math options at the high school level. For example, I am in AP Calculus BC and College level Statistics at the present moment, meaning that I have exhausted all math options at my high school.

Would I still be eligible to Apply to RPI in my given circumstances?

Thank you,




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