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Hello! I am a current junior (in FL) in a new high school that was just established for the 2021-2022 school year. I am interested in applying to universities like University of Florida, Florida State, and University of Central Florida etc. I have a 4.0 unweighted GPA and am aiming for the AICE diploma. It is on par with AP, dual enrollment, and IB. It allows you to receive bright futures without having to worry about the gpa and SAT requirements. Collegevine says my extracurriculars are ‘strong’ but I don’t think so. The only leadership position I have is in environmental club. I am also a member in NHS, Battle of the Books, and Key club. I also volunteer at a homeless shelter and the library. I am a member of student government too. My major is undecided. Since the school is brand new, no clubs are really established. Any tips and advice on how to strengthen my application? Covid really messed up my plans and I feel like it’s too late to try and stand out. Could people who got into the schools I listed share their profile (grades and extracurriculars) if they’re comfortable?

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I would try starting a club your passionate about! I know that isn't much to add, but you already have lots of accomplishments! Starting a club you are heavily involved in shows dedication and something you just like to do. This seems like a perfect opportunity for you to stand out if you can do so. I am not familiar with the Florida schools since I am staying close to home however I would recommend using the collegevine search engine or looking at the school's common data set for the school you are interested in. The collegevine percentage is a bit of a rough estimate, but the commondata set is the official SAT score and GPA data from the accepted students at these schools. Best of luck!

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