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As we all know that the acceptance rate shown by the school is bit different from what it actually is , like for example :- the recruit athletes have the acceptance rate lot more higher than the standard . So, my question is that what is the acceptance rate of the international students to the most selective school ,And please also let me know the the acceptance rate of Indian students. How many students are selected form Indian to the top school like -: ivy , MIT , Stanford , etc


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If you an international applicant to schools like Stanford, MIT, and the Ivy League, the acceptance rate will not be the published +/-5% rate. That is the overall acceptance rate including ALDC, (recruited athletes, Legacies, Development Candidates and Children of faculty). I feel comfortable in saying that it is no more than 2%, especially since you are a high achieving Indian national. The 2 hardest Int'l applicant pools are Chinese and East Indians, there is an overwhelming about of Intl applicants coming from these 2 countries. Last year there were 401,000 global applicants (US and Intl) to Ivys and there are only 14,000 places and I would say 4000 (roughly 30%) of them went to ALDCs.

If I were East Indian, I would research all the Top US 50 colleges and figure out which ones had the least East Indian representation and apply to those. Each college publishes their demographics so that shouldn't be to hard to figure out. For example, lots of Chinese and E.Indians are going to apply to MIT, RICE, Stanford, Harvard because they are most glamorized. But I strongly feel that if you just want an excellent education and plan to go to graduate school for a specialty like CS, Engineering or Medicine than you don't have to go there first. You can go to Reed College, Swarthmore College, Colgate University, Hamilton College, or Bowdoin. You might end up an MIT or Harvard for your PhD so it really doesn't matter how you got there. No one cares where you went undergrad if you want a PhD. Only your last school matters.

Example. When people talk about former President Barrack Obama they all talk about his Law Degree from Harvard or this BA from Columbia University. They don't talk about his first 2 years at a tier 3 liberal arts college in Atwater, LA called Occidental College do they? Nope. You get an auto-pass whenever you get into a better college.

If you come from an ultra-competitive pool, then you have to skin the cat a different way if you want to survive the college admissions process.

Good luck and forgive my frankness.

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