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I need a little help with this topic, since my counselors are rather unhelpful.

I am the first sibling of three to begin the college admissions process, and I recently took the December 4th SAT for my first attempt. I exceeded my expectations, and after taking the test I saw that I could have sent my score to schools for free but I guess I missed out because I was not aware of this offer. Now, I am a little confused as to what I should do. I can see that I can send my scores to any college of my choosing on College Board, but I also have to pay for every school. Considering the fact that I plan to apply to many schools, I do not necessarily want to pay for each and every one because this will add up quickly in addition to all of the application fees. Due to the fact that I am the first to apply, I don't know how to proceed. Is it possible for me to simply wait to fill out a CommonApp and include my SAT on there, or does it need to come directly from College Board? Is there any other way for me to bypass the $$?

Thanks in advance :)

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2 years ago

Most colleges allow you to self report your score on the Common App and the Coalition App. so I would use that option for now. I would self report my SAT score if it were within the 50% percentile range for that college. And probably not if it falls below the 25% percentile.

If you get admitted to the college (s) , you will be required to submit an official SAT score to that college prior to paying your deposit and matriculating.

Just check ahead of time your list of colleges and make sure all of them allow you to self-report. I know for sure the top ranking colleges allow you to do this. I'm not so sure about all the State Colleges.

This should take the worry out of having to pay hundreds of dollars to report SAT scores.

FYI, you can self report your AP Scores as well and just wait to see where you get accepted into to pay and submit your official AP Scores later.

Good luck.

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