2 years ago
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When will college admissions begin?

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, I was wondering when college admissions will start in US because i am an international student. I want to start my application as soon as possible. Can you please shed some light on the matter?

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2 years ago

So what @isaac said was true for the dates but you should contact the schools you are interested in regarding early action (non Binding) but look into deadlines for international merit scholarships. Also you can always start your common app profile whenever you just cant do college specific tasks such as why this college or rec letters as I havent asked any yet but I have my ECs info and other information all done despite entering my junior year this fall so you can start your profile whenever.

Also the notification of enrollment at most US schools is May 1.

2 years ago

They will open applications at normal times. (July 31 for Common App, August 1 for UC Application). Application deadlines may change, should the crisis get any worse. As of right now, no college has delayed deadlines. In general, deadlines are as follows:

November 1: Early Decision, Early Action deadlines

November 30: University of California Applications

January 1: Most private school applications including the entire Ivy League Regular decision

January 15: A few more deadlines for schools like Carnegie Mellon

These dates may change, but as of right now, no such change has been announced.


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