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In my last question, I asked what I could do to boost my chances of getting into colleges. My parents won't let me take any more Honors or AP classes after my freshman year. I've only had one so far and it seems pretty easy, but my parents are worried I'm going to fail. I was supposed to take two math classes next year since I have a perfect score in math right now. However, my parents think it'll be too much for me even though I love math. They also won't let me take a second year of a foreign language or any classes that relate to my preferred college majors. I know that I'm not pushing myself right now, and I want to go for an Honors diploma, but instead, I'm being forced to go for the most basic one. I'm going to start my senior year when I'm sixteen, so there is no chance of me being able to say, "I'm an adult, and you can't make my choices anymore." My mom is also friends with my counselor, and she's already made it clear that I'm going to be in trouble if I go complain to him. What can I do to change their mind and push myself more without upsetting them?


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I would definitely communicate your goals and aspirations to your parents. If you're really driven to succeed, nothing should stop you. Maybe offer to pay for your AP test fees to demonstrate your determination! I would also recommend that you start off slow next year, don't just jump into an overloaded course schedule you're not prepared to succeed in. Take some honors classes and take maybe 1-3 AP classes. However, you should not take so many hard classes that they cause your grades to slip. If you really want to get into an elite school, this is crucial.

If you talk to your counselor, make it clear that you do not want your parents contacted about this. It is a counselors job to guide you, and it would be incredibly unprofessional of them to ignore your concerns because they're friends with your parents. If you really cannot work it out with your parents, talk to your counselor about your situation. If your school has other counselors than your own, you could also request to speak with them.

Good luck!

6 days ago

Taking at least AP and Honors classes it a must, especially if you are capable of it. Since you seem to be doing really well in school, let your parents know that you are going to be able to handle the pressure of AP, and how much you really want to take them. Even more so, you were already on the path to be taking them, so it’s not like you are going out of your way to give yourself difficult classes.


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