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Foreign National Award

I am a Korean who's contemplating whether I should compete in a literature competition. But the problem is that it's Korean, meaning that I'll be writing and submitting a Korean literary work. And I'm not sure if it'll appeal to American elite colleges. Assuming I do win an award, will American universities find it impressive even though it's not English?

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I think it depends on how competitive the award is: if it is national and you're ranked first in all Korea, it'll probably benefit your application (whatever the language is, as long as you're the best in something)! However, note that you only must participate because you want to and not because it would "look impressive" to colleges. If you think you could have fun participating, then why not?

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β€’ 05/31/2020 at 08:42PM

So if this is a very competitive competition and you place yes that is impressive and can help your application but as Selma said do it because you like it. I would never enter into a chemistry competition because I barely tolerate it. Though also elite colleges as in top 25 US universities it may be less impressive to them compared to a school ranked 100th

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I think it comes down to what award you win and how large the competition range is. If there are a lot of people and you win first place, for example, then it could boost your chances of admission. However, if it's not something that shows what you're interested in, then I would advise against it.