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Need help finding summer programs

I need help to find an I internship or an intensive I can apply for this summer. It also needs to be financially feasible for the typical middle class family.

My interests include:

writing- stories and a little bit of journalism

I kind of just started getting into art as a hobby but I've taken many art classes


I would love to find some internship where I could work with animals (I want to become a vet)


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6 days ago

I am sure you can find internships if you do some research online! You can probably find some online ones if you're lucky! Since you are interested in being a vet, I say definitely find an internship that has to do with working with animals. It would be a great start to exploring your future career path, and give you some experience that will definitely benefit you in the future.

I know you said you needed help to directly find an internship, I'm sorry I did not really help with that, but I advise you to start looking! Search "animal internships"/"internships to work with animals" and you should find some! Also, check https://www.internships.com/ -- a big help/source!

6 days ago

If you have any idea what colleges you want to go to/colleges you are looking at, a good place to start would be looking at summer programs they offer to not only get experience at the college but make some possible connections. If you search the college/summer programs it should come up! I don't know if you'd be able to find something related to animals, and these programs can be quite expensive (unless you can land yourself a scholarship!) but it would be a good place to start.


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