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Should I take AP Macroeconomics before/without Microeconomics?

Hi! I'm a junior planning on going to college for entrepreneurship. Business highly motivates me, since freshman year I have taken a semester introductory business course, a full-year Marketing Management course, and am currently in a second-year MM course. I have participated in the DECA business competition for three years, this year and last year I qualified for states, although COVID made the stakes lower. I also played the DECA stock market game and made the most yields in my class, though I didn't qualify for the international conference, ranking around #125 out of 700-800 teams in my state, the top 25 qualify.

I also applied to an "Essentials of Entrepreneurship program" at the Wharton School of Business at UPenn but not sure if I'll get in.

Next year, I want to take a semester Entrepreneurship course, as well as AP Statistics and AP Micro or Macroeconomics. I'm hoping to score well on these exams and skip some introductory courses for college, or at least make myself a more appealing candidate. From what I've understood, Micro is typically taken before if not with Macro. However, as I see it taking Macro would help me get farther ahead. I don't have room on my schedule for both since other courses take precedent for me. Based on my background in basic business education, am I ready to take Macroeconomics? And if not, are there any steps I can take this summer to prep myself for it?


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2 years ago


I took AP Macro w/out doing AP Micro and preformed well, so if AP Macro aligns more with your interests, I would do that! (The introductory content for both is similar, so you will be fine)

Hope this helps!

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