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How will C's affect my admission chances?

I am currently a senior and I have finished applying to all of my schools. Unfortunately, some of my schools are requesting a mid year report and my grades are the lowest they have been my high school career. I have a C in Ap calc AB and a B in Ap bio and Ap spanish. I have A's in my other classes.

I got a 3.82 gpa last year and I am applying to schools with around a 40% acceptance rate

I plan to come in as a neuroscience major and I will be taking the AP exams in the spring.

Please let me know if this should be a grave concern



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5 days ago

The same thing happened to me and I honestly think for it me it’s because online school was easier for me to manage plus I’m taking more AP classes this year. I personally think Bs in AP classses should be fine for schools with a 40% acceptance rate if your grades were good other years because most schools prefer a B or even C in AP then standard or honors. And like @anand.mannan said the C in Calc isn’t that bad since it’s not directly related to your major. Best of luck!!

5 days ago

I believe you should do fine... A C in AP Bio would have probably gotten you rejected as its related to your major, but I do not know if C in AP Calc should have much of an effect... Not to mention these are AP courses you are talking about.

If you have a special reason (that is NOT senioritis), you may convey the same to the school. No harm!

Hoping for your acceptance in your dream school!

2 days ago[edited]

Hi @abigailobeng! I don't think one C and two B's are going to prevent you from getting accepted to a good school, especially since you have a good track record so far and admissions officers are understanding that online school is a bit weird during the pandemic. Like @anand.mannan said, if you have a valid reason for the grade drop, mention it to the school and hope that they take it into consideration. If not, I would not dwell on it!

My biggest recommendation is try to keep your grades up during second semester. In the case that you get waitlisted by any of the schools that are asking for a mid-year report, you can show them your second semester grades and that could potentially help with getting off the waitlist.

Hope that helps!


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