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Office of testing integrity cancelled my SAT scores


I got a letter from ETS stating that my SAT scores have been cancelled due to an "unfair advantage" that I apparently got. I was just making one of my previous answers a bit darker, that too subconsciously. There is no way I was "working on a previous section" as stated in the email. Everyone knows that you cannot be working on a previous section after time because your question booklet is on the current section. So there is no way I was working on a previous section. Yet I was flagged because of that. Of course I am bummed. But more importantly I am scared that college board will inform my school or the colleges that I have applied to. Does college board do that? What are the possible consequences? Note that I haven't received anything from College board yet. Only from ETS (Office of Testing integrity that evaluates the situation).

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2 days ago

I'm not sure if you are a Junior or Senior. So depending on whether you have time to re-take it or not will benefit you. If you are a junior, I would continue to try to get a better score on the SAT but do not repeat this mistake. If you have serious doubts about your CollegeBoard record, then it might be beneficial to switch to the ACT test and focus on that.

Good luck.

2 days ago

Although I'm not sure if the college board will do that, since you're sure that you did not do anything wrong, call the college board website and tell them about it. In cases like this, you have to stand strong on your point and keep on pushing them. It may take several calls and weeks, but it'll be worth it.


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