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How can I make up for the inconsideration of the SAT for the UC's?

As many of you know, the UC campuses distributed across California, as well as other Californian schools, have stopped considering the SAT and other standardized tests in their application process. This places much, much more weight on grades; however, grades are easy to get and won't particularly help me stick out from other applicants the way that an SAT score would.

What can I do to make up for this dilemma?

I've tried exploring many, many valuable extracurricular ideas; however, being 2 years younger than everyone else in my grade, I can't apply to the vast majority of them; I won't even be 16 by the time I graduate. This leaves me to just essays, interviews, and other such things; things that I'm not as confident in as much as I am with GPA and standardized test scores.

Additionally, the UC website states that the SAT will be removed from consideration until Fall 2024, which is when I'll be applying for college; fall 2025 applications will start with a new, UC-specific standardized test. Does this mean that I'll have the opportunity, being part of the Fall 2024 apps, to submit the SAT?

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2 years ago

Hi! If you can't participate in ECs outside of school, id see how you can get involved in ECs in your high school. Your school wouldn't impose age limits on clubs that students can join. Also we have tons of resources on our blog and livestream recordings covering how to write essays for various schools and how to write essays in general so be sure to check those out as ECs and essays are the most important, after grades, for schools that are test blind. From that wording, UC will still be test blind when you apply, so you would not be able to submit your test scores.

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