4 years ago
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Do I need to provide my blog link?

So as one of my extracurriculars is I write fan fiction and I also maintain my own personal blog and I want to group that under Amatuer writer so it takes up less slots as I have 10 pretty good ECs. However on common app the 150 character limit is killing me as the link is too long for other info.

Essentially I’m asking whether or not do I need my blog url on my EC description.

The discription is

I update my blog weekly to show my interests & events occurring that week. My blog is insert url. I also write fan fiction on

What I still want to add

fanfiction.net with the name ———

Is there any way to shorten the description so I can fit all of it?

I think there’s a way with occurring that week but I can’t think of a professional way to put it.


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4 years ago

No, you don't. In fact it's usually a good idea not to include a bunch of links in your descriptions, because it's rare that an admissions officer will have time to take away from the rest of your application to go read through supplemental stuff.

When you're writing these descriptions, make sure to consider what information is essential for the officer to understand your activity and what information might be unnecessary. For instance, you definitely don't need to say "that week" if you say "weekly" earlier in the sentence. It's also unnecessary to say that your fanfic is "on fanfication.net with the name " (as I said, they're not going to have time to go read it, and they won't take extra time to verify something small like this). Instead I'd say something about what you write, or even better any kind of greater skills or understanding you've developed while working on these projects.

E.g. "I write fanfiction and post weekly updates to my personal blog" is 62 characters and still contains the essential info that was in your first version, and now you still have 88 more characters to say something more substantial about what these activities mean to you.

4 years ago


Do you think your blog's name would be enough? I mean, if we look up the name on Google, would it pop up first? If it does, then you probably don't need to insert the link. If it doesn't and you feel like you need to include the URL (which is probably not necessary), maybe you should consider shortening your blog's description as everything will be on it (if you don't already have one, add a short description of yourself and what you do on the right side of your blog, for example).

I hope this helps!

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